While there are a number of ways to grow consumer product sales, companies are reinventing their go-to-market approach. There is consolidation of brands or penetrating new sales channels. Many are doing both. If you are looking for a game changer, insight into the $21B military resale channel can create it but to succeed you need industry experience, and transformative choices. If you have a military resale strategy that needs to be reviewed or you are looking to develop one, sharpen the sword and find your competitive edge necessary to drive your business forward. With distribution serving 49 states, 2 U.S. Territories, 30 countries and 11.6 million Patrons World-Wide make a strategic move by calling me, John Shelley, Managing Principal of Gateway Military in St. Louis at 636-594-2345

Our WHY…

Many of us have family members or know of those who serve and fight for our freedoms. Gateway Military is a company made up of civilians, veterans, and family members of those who are serving or have served in the military. Throughout history the troops that defend our freedom have represented a very small percentage of the population but all of them fight the battles that keep us free. My father and uncles served in the armed forces during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Understanding their commitment to serve their country has always been an inspiration to me. The idea to start Gateway Military in 2006 began with the Patron in mind – it is a way for us to serve the military and give back. Every day throughout the organization, we focus on the “Why”. Why does Gateway do what it does? To answer the “Why” it starts with “What” and “How” we do it. “What” we do as a government contractor is supply and market consumer brands to the military resale channel of trade. “How” we do it is through the management of global resources and relationships to bring brand name products straight from the Manufacturer to the Patron: in-store or on-line. But most important, WHY do we do this? To provide the Patron with the products they want when they want them at a savings over retail. That is how we support them.

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