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Our approach to business is built on trust. Trust is built through the execution of commitment and by anticipating obligations and delivering on them without being asked. Our company and our employees are committed 100% to the military resale system. Gateway Military is an active member of the American Logistics Association, the Save Our Benefits Coalition, and a founding member of the Military Resale Small Business Coalition. We are located in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Find out more by calling me, John Shelley, Owner of Gateway Military at 636-594-2345.

Gateway’s Guiding Values and Principles

★ An appreciation of the individual’s rights, responsibilities, beliefs, sensitivities, and needs.

★ An obsession for turning in the best possible performance on every job, in every department, for every Patron, customer and supplier, everyday.

★ Recognizing that our “product” is also a “service” and that our product’s acceptance depends solely upon the quality each of us invests in it.

★ An acknowledgment that risk-taking, supported by reason and fact, is a force of unlimited potential.

★ A commitment to “success” as measured by financial profitability coupled with uncompromising integrity expected of a responsible, responsive corporate citizen.

★ An obligation to be an active, positive force in the world around us, the markets we serve, the communities in which we live and work, and the industry of which we are part.

★ An understanding that, regardless of our roles in the Gateway family, we are all stakeholders in the process of shaping tomorrow through today’s accomplishments and careful planning for the future.