Many manufacturers are still playing catch–up with the retail OMNI-CHANNEL movement. Retailers are racing to get eCommerce up and running because they know at times over the past few years; online sales have outpaced in-store purchases.

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing initiatives in the military resale channel. The military has their own site similar to Amazon, giving military men and women the exclusive ability to purchase anything from furniture to food as well as electronics to beauty care.

The push of eCommerce is altering the face of home delivery and is now taking shape in the military. The military Patron can now order on-line and have delivered to them, their name brand product with just a few clicks of the mouse. Gateway Military is taking the traditionally fragmented segment of the logistic supply-chain and making it act and respond like a deeply integrated whole for the military retailer.

Gateway Military’s supply-chain is at the forefront of fulfilling online orders for Food (Dry, Chilled, Frozen), HBC and General Merchandise through delivery to the Patron’s home. The points of distribution are endless!