Gateway’s ability to capture data from multiple military customers around the world on multiple platforms at the UPC level is robust. The automated data collection and analytics that go with it play a pivotal role at the tactical level but the value in the data is not its aggregation but bringing patterns, insights and solutions to form strategy. Our proprietary STAR system organizes accounting, customer service, sales, and inventory data, finding clarity out of complexity. This clear insight to enriched information leads our team to faster and more accurate decision making.  

Gateway’s Service Package Includes:

★ Contract Compliance

★ EDI Price Quote/Change to DeCA HQ

★ Sales orders received via EDI

★ Purchase orders transmitted via EDI

★ Government contracts

★ File maintenance Procedures

★ ROA Product Specification System

★ Special orders from the “field”

★ Invoicing System to Military Resale System

★ Accounts Payable & Receivable

★ Collections and Cash Reconciliation

★ Invoice Discrepancy Research


Key Manufacture Benefits:

★  Easy “gateway” into the complex military channel of trade

★ Gateway acts as your military division

★ Gateway transacts as your customer

★ Purchase Orders received in bulk from Gateway Military

★  Order to cash labor intensity removed

★  Invoicing transactions reduced by over 95%

★  Improved – cash flow

★  Government audits eliminated

★  No costly IT investments